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If you support keeping the name

"Philharmonic Center for the Arts"

print and sign this petition and mail to:


P.O. Box 1546, Naples, FL 34106



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We, the undersigned, recognizing that the name of the “Philharmonic Center for the Arts” is an all-inclusive expression for the support of the arts in all forms and from all sources, which has been branded and become affectionately known locally, nationally and internationally as the "Phil" over the past twenty-five years, do hereby vehemently object to changing its name to “Artis-Naples” and, as a result, creating a new, unknown and unrecognizable image for no apparent good reason, such that we may no longer feel able to continue our full support as we have in the past.

Contact the Phil's Board that voted to change the name

Chairman email:


CEO email:


Ned Lautenbach, Chairman
C. Michael Armstrong
Jay H. Baker
James R. Campbell
James C. Curvey
Michael E. Dougherty
David R. Drobis
Robert T. Edwards
Linda C. Flewelling
Eugene U. Frey
Lynne Haarlow
A. Scott Hansen
Lois Wertheimer Lipnik
James P. McCready
Gerri Moll
J. Leo Montgomery
Dave Neill
Lawrence R. Pugh
Kimberly K. Querrey
John J. Remondi
Sarah B. Rorer
Donald E. Ryks
William J. Schoen
Stephen L. Schwartz
Bruce S. Sherman
Adria D. Starkey
Shelly A. Stayer
William S. Stavropoulos
George W. Sypert
Kathleen van Bergen, ex officio